How Affiliate Program Can Give Me a Big Bucks!

Imagine telling an advertising agency that you will pay them only when you get leads from an ad. Or, perhaps you suggest paying them based on the sales that you make because of exposure of an ad. Besides having difficulty measuring these outcomes, chances are the agency will not take you seriously.

Approach a web site owner and he or she may actually consider your offer. The Internet enables you to pass this off through a marketing method called affiliate marketing - an effective way to increase your web site’s exposure, identify new customers and increase sales. According to Forrester Research, affiliate marketing is the most effective of all online marketing methods.

With an affiliate program you offer affiliates an incentive to perform a particular outcome. This outcome may be to generate customer leads for your business, increase ‘clicks’ to your site or improve sales - from a banner ad, text link, graphic or other means such as a newsletter. The incentive is usually a fee, provided as a flat rate or percentage depending on your affiliate program objectives.

What are the Benefits of an Affiliate Program?

Developing an affiliate program is no small task. It requires a dedicated program manager, financial investment, a solid strategy, and a focus on finding and keeping the best affiliates. Done right, it can bring a number of benefits.

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